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more than 25 years of experience in the field of:

Law office Cakarovska is one of the leading law offices in Macedonia, which exists more than 25 years and has its seat in Skopje.

The law office employs several attorneys at law and associates, in charge of different areas of law, which are constantly facing different challenges in a pleasant work environment. The founder of the law office is Danche Cakarovska, an attorney at law, licenced representative for protection of IP rights before the State office of IP and registration agent before the Central Registry of Macedonia, with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Law office Cakarovska ... Read more

Business law

Our commitment to maintain and develop wide areas of work, enables us to offer legal services to the companies every aspect of their work, as well as to offer legal advices, opinions and analyses for corporate governance.

We specialize in making a comprehensive assessment of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property etc. of a company, a process known as Legal due diligence. Such a process enables a company to improve its ... Read more

Trade Law

Our law office has many years of experience when it comes to business ventures, mergers and acquisitions of domestic companies by foreign investors, incorporation of companies, company’s statutory amendments (accession, merger and division of companies) and reorganization of companies, VAT registration, opening of bank accounts, incorporation of subsidiaries and other activities required for starting with business and improvement of the work of a company. Most of these activities are conducted before the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia, and for conducting them a Registration agent’s licence is ... Read more

Labor Relations

Law office Cakarovska provides legal services in all spheres of labour law. Our services cover drafting of employment contract and management contracts which are in accordance with international standards and practices, drafting of general acts of a company (Rulebooks for work, disciplinary procedures, systematization of job positions etc.), Statutes and other constitutional documents of a company and decisions concerning labour relations. Also, we offer registration of the employment and its termination in front of all relevant institutions.

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Intellectual Property rights protection

IP is of crucial importance for companies, because it is a method of attaining market recognition. Law office Cakarovska has great knowledge and experience in this area and offеrs various services for achieving the desired result.

As а registered agent for protection of IP rights, Law office Cakarovska offers services for protection and realisation of those rights. This includes counselling regarding the protection of ideas, concepts, know-how, trademarks and patents, trade names and copyrights, ... Read more


Our law office offers complete service when it comes to construction, from the initial moment of concluding a construction contract, until the moment of obtaining an occupancy permit. We have experience in drafting and concluding construction contracts, as well as joint ventures for construction.

We also participate in procedures for legalisation of illegally built objects and in expropriation proceedings.

Collection of claims

It often happens that one party of a contract is left without its share of the deal. For dealing with this situation, we offer two types of measures: preventive and repressive.

When it comes to preventive measures, these include various legal means, such as background check of the contractual party, drafting of a pre-contract, inserting an ... Read more


Property rights belong to an area, which if not properly regulated, can lead to significant problems in business operations, but also in everyday life. Because of this, it is important that property rights and relations are regulated by a contract, and for this purpose our law office drafts various contracts of this type, such as a purchase contract, a contract for gift, an exchange contract, a lease contract, a contract for division of property during marriage, etc. Our contracts are ... Read more

Family and inheritance law

This area of law regulates sensitive and intimate areas of life. Having this in mind, our law office conducts these procedures with a high level of confidentiality and trust towards clients. This implies that all measures are taken in order for the procedure to be concluded swiftly, peacefully and with ease, and the same time to come to a long-term and legally well-founded solution.

We conduct the ... Read more

Law on obligations

Law office Cakarovska has decades of experience when it comes to drafting and implementing of all kinds of contracts between two or more parties. Regulating the relations between the parties before undertaking any activity is essential both for efficient implementation and for lowering the risk of disputes. Because of this, we insist that the parties sign a contract and for this reason we draft various contracts from the area of property, business cooperation and construction, as well as contacts for deed, for servitude, for deposit, for licence, for commission, for representation, for cession, for compensation, etc. but also unnamed contracts for specific circumstances, such as factoring and franchise. Read more

Court representation

The fact that we have been legal counsel of many natural persons and well-known companies speaks itself for our experience in representation before the courts in Macedonia. In addition, the high percentage of won cases and satisfied clients speaks itself for our efficient work, expertise and skills.

The knowledge we have when it comes to court proceedings (civil, administrative and criminal) is a ... Read more

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Основач - Адвокат

Aдвокат, лиценциран застапник за заштита на правата од индустиска сопственост и регистрационен агент пред Централниот Регистар на РМ. Таа е експерт ... Read more


Задолжен за застапување на клиентите пред судовите и други државни органи, давање консултантски услуги од сите области на деловното работење, како и ... Read more


Задолжен за застапување на нашите клиенти пред судовите и други државни органи, давање консултантски услуги од областа на деловното работење, ...

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Дамјан Гроздановски е роден 1994 година во Скопје. Дипломира на правниот факултет “Јустинијан Први” во Скопје со просек од 9,8. Магистрира со почести ... Read more


Цветанка Костова е родена 1997 година во Кавадарци. Дипломира на Правниот факултет “Јустинијан Први” во Скопје со почести. Таа е приправник во ...

 Read more
Административен менаџер

Филип Гроздановски е административен менаџер во канцеларијата. Тој е задолжен за водење на архивата, комуникација со клиенти, организирање на средни, ...

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Having in mind the practical experience which our law office has, and due to the network of contacts which we have created during the years, we often receive invitations for lectures and seminars from different organisations, associations and other hosts of seminars and trainings. Considering the element of social responsibility of our law office, we gladly accept such invitations and we try transfer our knowledge to new generations. Such seminars are in the area of law, entrepreneurship and accounting. Also we gladly accept offers for columns and articles in newspapers, legal journals and web sites.

Below are part of our activities in this field.



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